Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunshinez Outfits: Hardcore Chic Grunge

Like the rocker chick, grungy look? But you don't wanna do the rips, tears, dirt and bare skin?

Good news! you don't have to! 

Sunshinez's Grunge Chic MUST HAVES:
pair of jeans - best in grey, black, or light wash - can be ripped or torn or just normal which works best for a cleaner look)

Jacket - best in darker colors or plaid - don't button it all the way up!

tank top - in a solid color ie. white, black, grey - long, but not over your butt

heels / boots / - in black or grey (or other colors depending on other coloring you use) - best in leather or pleather

bag - a ton of bags work! but leather, black, grey and plaid work best

belt - hardcore and leather.... or just black.... looks awesome with a chic bow or buckle

nail polish - black goes great, reds a good pop and a french manicure looks professional.

mascara - blackest black... sparkles are glam too

necklace - really dramatic and chunky rocks
ring/s: big, chunky, dramatic.... just one or one on each finger

bangles - not needed... but extra bling can look great on some grunge looks

YOU CAN ALSO ADD: a scarf, eyeliner, eyeshadow

Grab a few of those listed above and you've got all you need for 
a  totally bright Hardcore Grunge Look!